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All May - June 2021 classes are now available for browsing. Once you've picked out your class, call our registration office at 1-800-365-5724 to register. July - December 2021 classes will be posted in January.

Use the menu at left to find a class by keyword, subject, date, or instructor. You may choose multiple items from the lists (for example, you may check both Basketry and Painting to find classes offered in both subjects).

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Michael Hughey
Better Lettering for Craftsmen and Artisans Sunday, May 2 - Saturday, May 8, 2021
Calligraphy, Book Arts
Derick Tickle
Anne Murray
Window Book with Illumination Sunday, June 13 - Saturday, June 19, 2021

Dan Abernathy Les Gustafson-Zook Kevin Oeth
Peggy Adelman Fonda Haddad Leif Olson
Bob Alexander R.J. Hadle Kathryn Osgood
Allen Androkites Chad Alice Hagen Martha Owen
Steve Artz Terry Hale Jim Pankey
Sally Ault Charity Hall Carol Parks
Richard Babb Doug Hall David Peters
J. Warren Berry Bennett Hammond Linda Prejeant
Jim Bliss Lorraine Hammond Tipper Pressley
Sandy Bonsib Bobby Hand Penny Prichard
Trent Bosch Linda Hartshorn Steve Pritchard
Tommy Boyd Tone Haugen-Cogburn Kathi Pruitt
Jeanne Brady Mark Hendry Elaine Rader
Steve Brown Tony Holliday Becky Reardon
Gay Bryant Laurel Horton Ann Richards
Peter Bull Kyle Houser Bill Roeder
Troy Bungart Michael Houser Scarlette Rouse
David Cayton Michael Hughey Rosemary Royston
Marcy Chapman Mi-Sook Hur Margaret Scanlan
Elaine Chock Michael Ismerio Angela Schneider
Annie Cicale Carol James John Scroggin
Terra Ciotta Jennifer Jenkins Billie Shelburn
Joe Clift Bill Johnson Ken Shipley
Lisa Colby Barbara Joiner Melody Shipley
Steve Cook Matthew Jones Diane Silver
Ted Cooley Karen Kasumauski Nancy Smeltzer
Michael Cundall, Jr. John Keeton Meghan Smith
Brian Cunfer Jim Kennady Redenta Soprano
Doug Dacey Jean Poythress Koon Daniel St. John
Jerry Darnell Andrew Kruspe Regina St. John
Nanette Davidson James Kuchinick Darren Stevens
Orchid Davis Vicki Lane Cheryl Stippich
Brian Dunning Susan Leveille Jack Stone
Pam East Janice Levi Tom Striker
Susan Edmonson Robin Lewis-Wild Jen Swearington
Dianne Ellis Emolyn Liden Barbara Swell
Matthew English Cynthia Litchfield Susan Taylor
Liz Evans Mary Jane Lord Peter Thomas
Louise Farley Wally Maria Mazzucco Derick Tickle
Jerri Fifer Molly McCurdy Mary Jane Volkmann
Geri Forkner Glen McLean Jane Voorhees
Jeff Furman Cathy Merckens Lyle Wheeler
Charles Gandy Meredith Middleton Billy Whitefox
Paul Garrett Elizabeth Mobley Mary Quinnan Whittle
Ashley Gilreath Bob Moffett Rich Williams
Pam Granger Gale Jim Morgenthaler Rob Withrow
Herb Gravitt Carole Morse Elise Witt
James Green Anne Murray Tom Wolfe
Brad Greenwood

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