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Margaret Scanlan
Watercolor Painting for All Sunday, Jan 7 - Saturday, Jan 13, 2018
Gay Bryant
Watercolor I Sunday, Jan 14 - Saturday, Jan 20, 2018
Pam Beagle-Daresta
Acrylic Color Layering - Make Your Mark Sunday, Jan 21 - Friday, Jan 26, 2018
Bradley Wilson
Fearless Painting: Adventures in Acrylic Sunday, Jan 28 - Saturday, Feb 3, 2018
Carolyn Molder
Beginning to Intermediate Pastel Sunday, Feb 4 - Saturday, Feb 10, 2018
Painting, Drawing
Billie Shelburn
Fast and Loose Ink & Wash Sunday, Feb 11 - Friday, Feb 16, 2018
Kathy Chastain
Introduction to Painting with Watercolor Gouache Sunday, Feb 18 - Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
Painting, Drawing
Pebbie Mott
Painting in Acrylics Sunday, Feb 25 - Saturday, Mar 3, 2018
Nan Cunningham
Painting with Authority Sunday, Mar 4 - Friday, Mar 9, 2018
June Rollins
Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Friday, Mar 9 - Sunday, Mar 11, 2018
Gay Bryant
Watercolor II - Improving Your Painting Techniques Sunday, Mar 11 - Saturday, Mar 17, 2018
Painting, Woodworking
Peg Piltingsrud
Scandinavian Painted Furniture (Scandinavian Heritage Week) Sunday, Mar 18 - Saturday, Mar 24, 2018
Suzanne DesLauriers
Mountain Landscapes in Watercolor Sunday, Apr 1 - Friday, Apr 6, 2018
Virginia Urani
Get Your Feet Wet with Watercolor Friday, Apr 6 - Sunday, Apr 8, 2018
Annie Pais
Painting with Natural Oils Sunday, Apr 8 - Saturday, Apr 14, 2018
Mary Jane Volkmann
Painting the World around Us Sunday, Apr 15 - Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
John Mac Kah
Fusion Painting - Crossover Techniques in Acrylics & Oils Sunday, Apr 29 - Saturday, May 5, 2018
Teri Jones
Alcohol Inks - Mastering the Medium Sunday, May 6 - Saturday, May 12, 2018
Melody Boggs
Old Masters Style of Oil Painting Sunday, May 13 - Friday, May 18, 2018
Painting, Surface Design
Vicky Luffman
The Joy of Silk Painting Sunday, May 20 - Saturday, May 26, 2018

Drawing, Painting
Redenta Soprano
Botanical Watercolor - Blooms in Spring Sunday, Mar 25 - Saturday, Mar 31, 2018
Drawing, Painting
Billie Shelburn
The Mechanics of Sketching to Paint Sunday, Apr 22 - Friday, Apr 27, 2018
Weaving, Painting
Kathie Roig
Warp It! Paint It! Weave It! Sunday, May 13 - Friday, May 18, 2018
Mixed Media, Painting
Billie Shelburn
Introduction to Collage Friday, May 18 - Sunday, May 20, 2018
Paper Art, Painting
Chery Cratty
Paint a Picture with Paper Pulp! Friday, May 18 - Sunday, May 20, 2018
Mary Acton Lenzy Griffin Bond Charlie Patricolo
Kimberley Adams Fran Grossman Kay Patterson
Gasali Adeyemo Andy Gunning Tom Patterson
Bob Alexander Fonda Haddad Terri Paulk
Judy Alexander R.J. Hadle Bobbie Pell
Hazen Alward Chad Alice Hagen Patricia Petersen
Gary Anderson Terry Hale Andy Phillips
Kevin Applegate Annie Hall Gary Pichon
Pat Armstrong Charity Hall Peg Piltingsrud
Darnell Arnoult Doug Hall Tony Pisconeri
Gabriel Asbury Richard Hall Richard Powers
Susan Bach Suzanne Hall Linda Prejeant
Pattie Bagley Bruce Hamilton Barbara Presnell
Kim Bailey Bennett Hammond Penny Prichard
David Baker Lorraine Hammond Tony Prince
Brant Barnes Sarah Hammond Kathryn Pruitt
Karen Barnes Larry Harding Margaret Radcliffe
Marianne Barnes Dana Hatheway Karen Reed
Wayne Barton Ila Hatter Harley Refsal
Riley Baugus Tone Haugen-Cogburn Tina Rice
Pam Beagle-Daresta Harry Hearne Jim Richardson
Andi Bedsworth Julie Hearne Mark Rickey
Judith Beers Patrick Heavner Aino Riiho
Linda Bell Marian Heintz Gary Roath
Vicki Bennett Lorri Helms Jeanne Roche
J. Warren Berry Mark Hendry Paul Roche
Lucy Best Elisabeth Hill Esther Rodgers
Rebecca Beyer Nancy Hinds Christie Rogers
Michelle Black Will Hines Kathie Roig
Derrick Bliss John Hollandsworth June Rollins
Jim Bliss Mark Hopper Peter Rose
Melody Boggs Jim Horton Beth Ross Johnson
Tom Boley Laurel Horton Deborah Rossi
Sandy Bonsib Michael Houser Nan Rothwell
Ro Borr David Hout Elmer Roush
Ken Bova Neal Howard Ann Royer
Tommy Boyd Pam Howard John Rudert
Lynn Bradshaw Michael Hughey Joe Ruminski
Rae Breed Susan Hutchinson Alice Russell
Cindy Brick Steven Inglima Neysa Russo
Teresa Brittain Tom Jeanes Maureen Ryan Griffin
Leslie Bronson Jennifer Jenkins Jerry Rymarquis
Chris Brooks Hanne Mette Jensen Adam Sacora
David Brose Stephen Jepson Dea Sasso
Jeannette Brossart Pat Johnson Judith Saunders
Gay Bryant Robert Johnson Margaret Scanlan
Emily Buehler Elizabeth Johnston Tommye Scanlin
Jane Burke Barbara Joiner Emily Schaad
Nancy Bush Chris Jones Angela Schneider
David Byland Lorinda Jones Robert Schulz
June Caldwell Teri Jones Christie Schuster
Carla Camasso Charles Judd Merit Scotford
John Campbell Frances Juhlin John Scroggin
Greg Canote John Mac Kah Marilyn Seitlin Tendrich
Jere Canote Donna Kay Billie Shelburn
Barbara Cashman David Kaynor Ken Shipley
Jack Cassady Erin Keane Melody Shipley
Virginia Cawood John Keeton Pearl Shirley
Mike Chandler JoAnn Kelly Catsos Diane Silver
Kathy Chastain Jean Kerr Gulshan Singh
Jeff Chelf Mick Kinney Tom Slavicek
Fong Choo Brian Knickrehm Bill Smith
Annie Cicale Margo Knight Diane Smith
Julie Clark Nancy Knight Mary Ann Smith
Joe Clift Sheryl Koch Michael Smith
Andy Cohen Jean Poythress Koon Steve Smith
Karen Cohen Andrew Kruspe Jack Smoot
Augusta Cole Patricia Kyritsi Howell Rajeania Snider
Jane Cole Mike Lalone Redenta Soprano
Scott Cole Mike LaMarre Robyn Spady
Gary Colles Vicki Lane Kathi Spaeth
John Combs Marjorie Langston Liz Spear
Sharon Coogle Lauri Lawson Clay Spencer
Nick Cook Pete Leclair Jackie Spencer
Steve Cook Alan Leland Kim St. Jean
Caroline Coolidge Brown Roo Lester Norm St. Jean
Josh Cooper Susan Leveille Daniel St. John
Larry Cooper Charles Leverett Regina St. John
Chery Cratty Hannah Levin David Stephens
Carol Crawford JoEl Levy LoGiudice Gillian Stewart
David Cumbie Robin Lewis-Wild Cheryl Stippich
Brian Cunfer Marty Libman Ike Stovall
Frances Cunningham Cynthia Litchfield Tom Striker
Nan Cunningham Jason Lonon Barbara Swell
Pam Currie Rudolph Lopez Karen Swing
Dave Custer Anne Lough Bob Taylor
Russell Cutts Vicky Luffman Rick Taylor
Doug Dacey Louise MacDonald Susan Taylor
Nanette Davidson Nancy Mackoviak Daniel Thoman
Orchid Davis Nancy Mahoney Donna Thomas
Kirk DeHeer Gary Marshall Kenneth Thomas
Elise Delfield Debora Mauser Peter Thomas
Laura Demuth Wally Maria Mazzucco Dianne Totten
Suzanne DesLauriers Peggy McCarson Colleen Trickett
Joe Dickey Pat McCarty Bob Trout
Mike Dixon Jean McDonald Tom Turgeon
Patricia Donald Tom McElfresh Tim Tyndall
Jamie Donaldson Joe Frank McKee Bobbi Umbach
Karen Donde Laura McWhorter Virginia Urani
Michele Dore' Doug Merkel T. Breeze VerDant
Ernie Dorrill Lynda Metcalfe Susanne Vernon
Dale Drake Harvey Meyer Mary Jane Volkmann
Pam East Susan Michaels Nancy Waldeck
Carol Eder-Smith Ronald Midkiff Becky Walker
Susan Edmonson Linda Miller Mark Waninger
Dianne Ellis David Millstone Charles Watson
Annie Erbsen De Bacco Ted Minick Christa Watson
Ric Erkes Bob Moffett Virginia Webb
Liz Evans Carolyn Molder Timothy Weber
Jerri Fifer Howard Moore Sandy Webster
Dick Fisher Sarah Morgan Mary Wesley
Geri Forkner Jim Morgenthaler Lyle Wheeler
David Foster Tom Morley Jessica White
Kevin Foster Caitlin Morris Billy Whitefox
Holly Fouts Nathan Morrison Donna Wiggins
Gian Frontini Pebbie Mott Lenton Williams
Charles Gandy Karen Mueller Rich Williams
Paul Garrett Anne Murray Bradley Wilson
Elizabeth Gentry Vasanto Nechemias Larry Winslett
Guy George Trish Nicholas Rob Withrow
Sharrie George Ron Nichols Eric Wolff
Ellen Gerber Terry Nicholson Ron Wood
Jo Glover Patrick O'Cain Faye Wooden
Allen Goodman Aaron Olwell Jack Worrill
Dylan Goodson Martha Owen Alan Young
Kerr Grabowski Tom Painting Marty Young
Cathy Grant Annie Pais Joel Zachry
Molly Grant Jim Pankey John Zeigler
James Green Linda Pannullo Lance Zeigler
Alex Greenwood Chuck Patrick Georgia Zumwalt
Sara Grey Peggy Patrick

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