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Learn to Play a Dobro
Date: Sunday, Sep 29 - Friday, Oct 4, 2013
Subject: Music
Instructor: Bob Alexander

Eager to play a square-necked resonator guitar (dobro)? We'll cover proper tuning, left- and right-hand techniques, use of the steel bar, chords, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slants, basic rolls, and more. As you learn basic tunes, we'll introduce tablature, a notation system for those who don't read music. Bring your own instrument - perhaps the one made in Woodworking the week prior! A few dobros are available for rent from the instructor with advance notice. (Level 1; Beginning - no experience required.)

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Tuition: $532.00
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Square-neck Resonator Guitar (Dobro) by Bob Alexander. Photo by Bob Alexander.


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Square-neck Resonator Guitar (Dobro) by Bob Alexander. Photo by Bob Alexander.

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